Top 10 Magazines for Competitive Exam Preparation

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  • October 12 2022
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Top 10 Magazines for Competitive Exam Preparation

In addition to the obvious goal of excelling in the selection process, a systematic and regular newspaper reading will assist you at every stage of the admissions/recruitment process. Experienced journalist/columnist writes editorial and opinion pages for nationally recognized daily newspapers. These articles will help you stay focused for long periods of time and are great reading comprehension exercises. The vocabulary and grammar use in these articles is top-notch and will assist you in the language proficiency portion of the various exams.

Reading newspapers is essential for candidates for all types of competitive exams. While you understand the importance of reading newspapers, we believe most of you have been wondering: how do you read newspapers? What newspaper do you read? How much time should you spend reading newspapers? and many more. In this article, we’ll discuss how to best prepare for breaking news from newspapers.

What qualities to look for in magazines for competitive exams preparation

This monthly magazine helps candidates prepare more accurately and adapt to the time zone that best suits their needs. There are many quizzes, advice and unique features like practice exams and notes in interviews to improve your game preparation.

Along with Current Affairs Magazine, they all give us some inspirational interviews with various top people working hard to make their dreams come true. To let you know which current affairs journals will help you prepare for UPSC, Testbook has created a blog on the most in-demand journals.

Which magazine to read for competitive exams preparation

Available in Hindi and English, this magazine is one of the most popular magazines for candidates for government positions. Focusing on current affairs, employment-related news, top interviews, quality articles on universal topics and solved exam papers, the magazine has proven to be of great value to its readers.

It is a very popular magazine among students studying competitive tests in various fields, sometimes abbreviated as CSR. Because of its all-encompassing format — including preliminaries and main lines — most civil servant candidates find it necessary. Each issue contains summaries of events around the world and at home. This is a regular part of a civil service candidate interview. It also includes success stories of CSE leaderboards that benefit hopefuls.

Top Magazines for Competitive Exams Preparation

So, here I am sharing some top magazines you can consider preparing for your upcoming competitive exam to be successful.

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Chronicle
  3. Competition Success Review
  4. Yojana
  5. Samanya Gyan Darpan
  6. The Economic Times
  7. Kurukshetra
  8. Civil Services Times
  9. Competition Science Vision
  10. Success Mirror


If you are looking to crack any competitive exam, then you should follow these magazines thoroughly to stay updated with the latest information. Best of luck!!

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