Effect of Coronavirus on Students

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  • June 13 2021
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Effect of Coronavirus on Students

When India’s growth was blooming in 2016-17, it earned the tag of the fastest-growing major economy in the world. But due to the covid situation, there is a drastically significant decline in the GDP growth .and had been falling since the beginning of last year, the coronavirus shock in 2020 had an overwhelming effect on India’s economy and jobs.

In India, from March-end 2020, most government and private sector companies have resorted to either sack employees, asking them to go on indefinite leave without pay, or slashed salaries by as much as 85% – a report by outlook India. 

As per the data suggested by the national sample survey ( NSS) and periodic labor force surveys ( PLFS), it is estimated that overall, 136 million government and private sector jobs are at immediate risk in post corona India. The organized private sector in India saw significant job cuts and layoffs during and after the post coronavirus pandemic that significantly impacted the economic activities.

 In this article, we’ve researched and compiled a comprehensive report on the impact of covid- 19 on govtsarkariexams .”The study revealed that the highest demand for government jobs was witnessed in Delhi at 11.04%, followed by Patna at 11.03%, indicating the technology empowerment and social awareness are growing in non-metro cities.

Impact on Govt Sarkari Exams & jobs 

According to the latest survey, 68% of the employees surveyed have either started the layoff process or are empowerment .the outbreak of the covid- 19 pandemics has transformed the jobs scenario in the country with regular reports of layoffs, leave, pay cut, and other uncertainties. The study also found that 64.77 percent of people stood performance for both national as well as state-level examination, due to them that the more pressure is accumulated to government. In this situation, only policy instruments it had been used to provide handout through its welfare schemes. This is a stop-gap, albeit much needed, intervention helping the poor survive essential subsistence growth. 

Problems Faced by Government Sector Due to Corona Virus

The government sector workers also face many issues due to the corona outbreak, including minimization of salary, and the biggest problem is confronted by the people who are frontline workers. They have to stand 24*7 for the patients and the public both. This makes them separated from their families as well as their day-to-day lifestyle. People who belong to the government sector have faced issues. When the survey was taken from different companies, almost 1100 from other sectors, it was reported that 73% of them decided to decrease the salary of the employees, and 57% said that layoff is temporary. And about 21% said that they are doing permanent layoffs for at least two years.

 More employees focus on competitive exams, and this also raises the competition and almost increases the demand by 83.4%. It happens because of the more job security, followed by salary and other parks. It changes the whole scenario of the jobs, and students start focusing more on the government sector. And also due to covid many competitive government exams getting postponed and many. They get canceled, which makes students more ferocious, and they suffer a lot because of this. 

The government of India tries to minimize the competition by initiating different schemes for students also, and businessman, including” PM CARES, PM JAN DHAN YOJANA,” and many more. 


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